Post Foreclosure Reports including Excess Proceeds

Confirmations of actual sales and bid prices from the most recent auction. Easy to use report shows you which properties foreclosed to the bank vs which properties sold to 3rd party bidders creating excess proceeds. Sort and Select programs of historic postings and sales data base. Click on the video to the left to take a tour of this list!

Buy from the Banks or Tax Jurisdictions or Recover Overage

Counties Served Properties each month Subscription Terms  
1 month* 6 months Big Savings
12 months
Harris Sales Confirmation Report 350 $30 $150 $270 Order Now
Fort Bend Sales Confirmation Report 75 $25 $125 $225 Order Now
Montgomery Sales Confirmation Report 75 $25 $125 $225 Order Now
Mortgage History File $75 $335 $550 Order Now
Tax History File $30 $150 $250 Order Now
* One month subscriptions renew automatically each month. Cancel from your Dashboard. Each month is defined per issue not 30 days.