You visited this site because you are interested in Houston-area* pre-foreclosures.

What’s the difference between this website and all the others?

We are based right here in Houston!

Why is this important?

Because our staff is literally on-site in the Harris County courthouse* recording notices as they are posted in real time. Copies of the notices and fully researched data on each property is posted to our website within minutes of the posting in county records.

Virtually all of those other websites that claim to list Houston-area pre-foreclosures are based outside of Texas and must therefore rely upon un-timely indirect sources resulting in incomplete reports.

And don’t get fooled by other sites who only report properties already foreclosed (REOs) claiming to be “Foreclosure” sites. REOs are not Pre-foreclosures which are the real investment opportunities.

Don’t believe us?

Just click the link to the foreclosure notice that we include with each one of our property listings proving the properties we report are legitimate pre-foreclosures. Then try the same thing with those other websites.

* Includes Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Galveston counties.